Paris 2024 will bring the Fun and Fancy Experience to our Athletes.

Enjoy playing and watching beach volleyball at the Olympics with the Eiffel Tower as its fancy backdrop.

For this upcoming Summer Olympics, a century after the last hosted the Olympics; the French capital has an ambitious yet creative draft. 

Preparing for the awaited 2024 Games is well-arranged and conceptualized. Despite the current world situation because of the pandemic, there are no significant settings or plan delays, according to Estanguet.

Heading up three years, the Paris team had wishfully kept their hopes up that the pandemic, which severely impacted the Tokyo Olympics, will be behind them in 2024.

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Agathe Renoux, a spokesperson for Paris 2024, said that they are learning a lot as they had done here in Tokyo about adapting to the challenges of a pandemic and keeping up with the health protocols. Mathieu Hanotin, mayor of the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis that will host the centerpiece of Olympics infrastructure — the athletes’ village –, shared in the optimism also said that they are ready to adapt and we are keeping our focus on our exciting Games.

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