Blazing Wildfire Scorches Hundreds of Homes in Greece

With all of the happenings across the globe, Greece fights for their lives as they face this unpredictable natural disaster. A huge count of 586 wildfires had scorched visible corners of the country, the respectable Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis quickly announced on television on Monday.

 It is one massive heat wave for the past years and decades. Citizens of Greece and mighty firefighters continue to dust-up against the blazes in the country. Organized evacuations, 63 to be exact, have taken place in the past few days to help the people of Greece, Mitsotakis said.

 Mitsotaki asked for an apology for any weaknesses on the part of the government in containing the wildfires, which have demolished numbers of houses and establishments that led to the evacuation of dozens of villages over the past week.

He also said, citing the extreme heat and months of drought as issues that have complicated firefighting efforts, that these last days have been some of the most difficult for our country in decades. 


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