Cameroonian Press Review – Friday, January 5, 2024

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Matila – Mbalam-Kribi Railway and Port Terminal Construction: Paul Biya launches the implementation of this grand project. On the President’s highest approval, the Minister of Transport (MINT), Jean Ernest Masséna Ngallè Bibéhè, and the Minister of Mines, Industry, and Technological Development (MINMIDT), Prof. Fuh Calistus Gentry, traveled to the People’s Republic of China for the effective launch and mobilization of the project. Pp. 5

Nouvel Horizon – Top Management: CNPS. According to the Technical Commission for the Rehabilitation of Public and Parapublic Sector Enterprises (CTR), out of the sample of 67 (EEP), the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS), under the leadership of its Director-General Noel Mekoulou Mvondo, is the uncontested number one among the most profitable Cameroonian companies in 2022. CNPS recorded a profit of XAF 76.2 billion, an increase of over 8.40% compared to the 2021 financial year. This result is attributed to the increase in social contributions collected by 6.48%, thanks to a customer loyalty policy and the implementation of the digitization process.

Economic News

La Voix du Consommateur – Petroleum Products: Hands off the prices. President Paul Biya’s New Year’s Message delivered on December 31 does not reassure Cameroonian households. The impending increase in fuel prices will undoubtedly worsen inflation and lead to unrest. It is incomprehensible that while Gabon is reducing prices, Cameroon intends to increase them. Since January 1, 2024, in Libreville, the price per liter of petrol has decreased from XAF 605 to XAF 595, and the price per liter of diesel from XAF 585 to XAF 575. The most significant decrease is seen in the price of a 12 kg butane gas bottle, which has dropped from XAF 5950 to XAF 4950.

Social News

La Voix des Jeunes – AFCON 2023: Granted by default! Chantal Biya lights up the Christmas tree. Moumi Ngamaleu will finally be among the 27 Indomitable Lions heading to Ivory Coast. Coach Rigobert Song has just called up this Dynamo Moscow player to replace Régie Mughe, who deserted… P.2.

Social Climate – Real Estate Fraud: Emmanuel Peugouah and his son Jacky Peugouah at the center of a vast scam. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Quiferrou group and his beloved son, in violation of the law, seized 17 hectares of land belonging to Timeu Pascal and others in Bonandale village, “Valley of Peace.” They then proceeded to demolish 60 houses built on the site without prior notice to the owners. Desperate, the families, who filed a complaint against Quiferrou without a favorable outcome, have appealed to the National League for the Defense of the Rights of Disadvantaged Persons (Lipnadef) and the press. Quiferrou’s involvement in real estate fraud in Bonandale is a scandal too far in Douala. The Governor of the Littoral Region is called upon. The 60 families victimized by real estate fraud are preparing to hold a press conference.

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Humanité – Yaoundé 3 Municipality: The reign of theft and fraud. Motorcycle theft, beatings, and frustrations constitute the daily lot of Mayor Owona Lucas’ elements. The population is now on the warpath, promising a punitive vote for the RDPC list in the upcoming municipal elections.

Cameroon Tribune – New Year Wishes: Paul Biya kicks off. The President of the Republic receives New Year wishes today from members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Cameroon and those of national constituted bodies. Read the official statement and the ceremony program. pp.2-3

Digital News

Loi de finances 2024 – These tax measures will reduce the salaries of some workers in Cameroon. In the 2024 State Budget of Cameroon, the government has introduced new tax measures that will inevitably lead to a decrease in salaries for some workers. According to Célestin Tawamba, the head of Cameroonian employers, all these measures are expected to result in a reduction in salary income ranging from 5 to 25% in companies, depending on the cases. Among these measures is the expansion of the list of in-kind benefits subject to the tax scale, as reported in the circular on the execution of the 2024 State budget law, signed on December 29, 2023, by the Minister of Finance. Click here to read this article on [website].

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Presidential Election 2025 – Experts divided on the possibility of Maurice Kamto being the MRC candidate. Maurice Kamto caught many by surprise by stating in his New Year’s Eve message on December 31 that the Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC) could nominate him for the next presidential election as things stand. However, Article 121 of the Electoral Code stipulates that only parties represented in the National Assembly, the Senate, a Regional Council, or a Municipal Council can nominate candidates. It is remembered that the MRC boycotted the last legislative and municipal elections held in 2020. The main opponent to President Paul Biya maintains, once again to the surprise of many, that this article does not pose a problem for the MRC. Click here to read this article on [website].

The former sub-prefect who murdered his 23-year-old girlfriend in 2020, finally recognized guilty of murder by justice. Franck Derlin Eyono Ebanga, former sub-prefect of Lokoundjé in the South, has been convicted by the justice system of murder. However, the verdict on damages will be delivered on March 6, 2024. Lydienne Solange Taba, 23, succumbed to a gunshot wound at her lover’s place in July 2020. She died at the Kribi District Hospital shortly after being transferred. Click here to read this article on [website].

Gabon: ASCOMA CEO suspended by supervisory authorities. On December 27, 2023, the Gabonese insurance directorate under the Ministry of Finance and Participations informed the Gabonese Federation of Insurance Companies (FEGASA) of the indefinite suspension of ASCOMA’s CEO, Michel Valette. Thus, Michel Valette has been suspended, leading to the suspension of the brokerage firm until the appointment of his successor. This was done on December 28, just 24 hours after the Gabonese authorities’ decision, a new CEO was appointed in the person of Alain Bouzaid, co-opted by the Board of Directors.

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