$1,000 will be paid for every damage in dangerous items sold on Amazon

Paying the customers $1,000 as a refund for products sold by third-party sellers that have been damaging and caused injuries to the buyer is what Amazon has been improving in their complaint process.

 Amazon Will Fine Sellers for Shipping Big Boxes | PCMag  

Amazon announced this Tuesday that they would deal with customer satisfaction itself and reach after companies afterward if the third-party sellers are not cooperating and unresponsive to valid claims. The company also claimed that the changes begin on September 1 for every good sold on the site. 

The online shoppers can contact the company’s customer service and notify them of the problem. Amazon said it would process the customer’s concern, bear the cost on themselves, and separately pursue the seller if the seller doesn’t respond. If the third-party seller rejects, Amazon proudly said it might step in to help address the concerns and pay $1,000 at no cost to the seller.

 Presently, a huge count of products that have been sold on Amazon has made the buyer’s rage. Delicate products like detectors and dog collars sold on Amazon have caused problems to the buyers. That was the birth of the lawsuit, named “Oberdorf v. Amazon,” that questions if Amazon can be held liable for injuries and damage caused by goods sold by third-party sellers.

Amazon took in an account and said that it’s not a seller’s fault but instead can be the marketplace for other sellers.


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