Messi shared that Paris Saint-Germain is an ideal place for him to win the UCL again

Football superstar Lionel Messi already felt at home joining Paris Saint-Germain while thinking this was the ideal place to ace the UEFA Champions League again.

 Lionel Messi tells CNN he believes PSG is the best place for him to win UCL  again - CNN

The famous athlete ended his 19-year spell at Barcelona and signed a two-year contract at the French club. He also shared that he and his new club have the same goal of winning the league. 

Messi said that he is aware of his background and the club’s objective and fighting for a while to win the League, and it was close for the last few years.

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He said during his presentation as PSG’s latest signing that he would love to win another championship, as noted in previous years, and think they have the same goals. He said that the club got impressive players, one of the best squads in the world, and hopefully they can achieve that goal which Paris wants so much, and hopefully, they can enjoy it with the people of Paris too.

He also said that it was tough for him, especially on what happened with Barcelona, and saying farewell is hard after being there his whole life in one place.

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