$3.5 trillion budget resolution approved by Senate Democrats as an essential step toward passing major economic package without GOP votes

A $3.5 trillion budget resolution was approved earlier this Wednesday morning by Senate Democrats after weeks and months of settling it.

Senate OKs budget resolution for Biden's COVID-19 aid bill -

The party comes up crafting and attempting a passed economic package that would expand the social safety net President Joe Biden has made for a signature agenda item without threatening a filibuster from Republicans who were opposed to it. The final vote was counted 50-49, and the measure passed after a series of amendment votes known as a “vote-a-rama,” which started on Tuesday afternoon and went until just before 4 a.m. ET.

The Democratic-controlled House must take up and pass a budget resolution. The Majority Leader Steny Hoyer sent a letter to associates this Tuesday saying the chamber planned to return the week of August 23 to consider the budget resolution.

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Passage of the budget resolution by both chambers will unlock the ability for Democrats to utilize a process like a budget reconciliation to pass legislation on a party-line vote addressing health care, aid for families, the climate crisis, and more. Tuesday’s vote is only the first step in what will be a lengthy process. 


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