COVID-19: Cuba launches vaccination for children as young as two.

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Le Bled Parle News announces that Cuba has begun vaccinating young children to combat Covid-19.

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The Cuban government started to immunize kids as young as two years old for COVID-19 thru a vaccination program, the island’s state media published, to try and get children back into face-to-face schooling.

In September, Cuba claimed that its homegrown vaccines were safe to give to toddlers. Cuba is the first country to provide immunization by vaccinating young children.

During the pandemic, face-to-face schools stopped in Cuba and the rest of the world. Alternatively, schoolers attend educational programming on television for hours each day. Home internet remains an uncommonness in the communist-run country.

The country has primarily concentrated on advancing its vaccines than solely depending on other nations for the vaccinations. Cuban scientists say the local-made vaccines are safe and efficient, although, as yet, they have provided insufficient data to external spectators. The government has stated that it will ask for WHO permission for its vaccines.

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Over four million people have been fully vaccinated, according to the Cuban Health Ministry. The administration has not answered how many children were vaccinated but announced a pediatric vaccination campaign that commenced this week in Cienfuegos. The healthcare system has faced desperate deficiencies with an abrupt accretion in new cases and deaths.

The Cuban government also said it expected to inject over 90% of the population of 11.2 million people before reestablishing international boundaries in the middle of November this year.

“With the rise in positive cases of Covid-19 in children, its necessary that the family protects itself more, and so we are protecting our children and adolescents,” said the island’s chief epidemiologist Dr Francisco Duran Garcia. Initially, the administration said it would concentrate on vaccinating health care front liners, the elderly and the hardest-hit areas. However, following a sudden rise in infections of children deemed to be induced by the Delta variant, the administration announced it would prioritize injecting young kids as well.

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Cuba has reported 6,056 deaths to the COVID-19, although officials recently revealed the toll could be considerably higher.


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