Japan’s Mt. Otake erupts, alert levels increase.


Le Bled Parle News announces that Mt. Otake, found at southwestern Japan island, erupted early Friday, emitting huge rocks nearly 1 kilometre from the crater and aiding the Japanese weather agency to increase its alert by one level to limit entrance within the zone surrounding the volcano.

The eruption happened at the crater of Mt. Otake on Suwanose Island of Kagoshima Prefecture at around 2:12 am. There were no live reports of damages, according to local officials.

The Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan’sweather agency, increased its alert level to 3 on a range of 5. Alert Level 3 means that the people should not go near the volcano. Japan Meteorological Agency warned the potential for big rocks hurled within the atmosphere in about a 2-km radius of the crater of the 799-meter mountain located in Toshima village.

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According to the agency, various blasts transpired at the crater on Thursday. Following the eruption early Friday, the administration also set up a liaison office to gather information at the prime minister’s office.

Suwanose, a volcanic island with less than 100 of population, is located to the south of Japan’s southernmost main island of Kyushu.

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