[Opinion] – In 2023 as in 1982: Paul Biya remains the same…

As usual, the Head of State delivered a speech to the nation on December 31, 2022. suggest you the decryption of Jean Atangana, Emeritus Editorialist, of the Crtv.

Biya Paul discours

«Paul Biya, never short of innovative ideas. »

In the tone of the speech. In the permanence of his fights. In the determination of its commitment. Despite a particularly trying international agenda, following his trip across the Atlantic from which he only returned the day before his meeting with the people. Despite the weight of the years. Notwithstanding the internal and external annoyances and constraints, Paul BIYA, President of the Republic, Head of State of Cameroon, appeared refreshed. Placid. Intrepid. As carried by the grace of the beginnings… of the National Renewal. Never short of innovative ideas. Promising projects. Achievements which, over the ages, give density and consistency to its social project and to the social contract with the Cameroonian people.

Both chariot and trolley, the Message to the Nation, December 31, 2022, constitutes in our neophyte eyes, a reference in the order of New Year’s political communications. The trolley which conveys the messages including the Message to the Nation of the President of the Republic is bearer; the tank that carries the blow to nullify inclinations and desire for destabilization, expressed so far in terms as diverse as the race for succession or any other maneuver to disturb public order.

*1) To well-born souls, the number of years does not diminish either ardor or boldness.* Determination. Resolution. Pugnacity. Characteristic features of the profile of the Head of State, this New Year’s Eve.

On examining his radio and television performance on December 31, 2022, and on assessing his presence, Paul BIYA remains the man who preserves the clear vision of his duty as Head of State and knows which file to give priority to. precedence in the ordering of its political agenda. All in contrast and in contradiction with the wacky image that the naughty spirits are working to impose on him as a straightjacket, he displays Lucidity. Intensity. Density. Intangibility.

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Today as much as yesterday and more than tomorrow, it has shown itself to be steadfast in its mission, the primary satisfaction of which remains its only horizon: to pursue its policy of social inclusion through better distribution of the fruits of growth, to diversify the sources of state revenue by exploring new growth niches, creating jobs to curb youth unemployment, prosecuting economic offenders in the competent courts to bring them to account. We said before… so that they make throat. “At whatever level… whatever their social rank, each at his level”.

These discursive locutions have nothing to do with artistic dressing. It is a decisive supplement. As it can serve as a “soul supplement” to the policy of National Renewal. Rigor and moralization were already the driving force in Year I of this social project. They remain so in the Year 40. The year 2023 will be the (perfect) illustration of this, we understand. It is a commitment on honor which is worth renewing the presidential oath, taken on November 06, 1982:

“I would like to remind you once again that all those who enrich themselves illicitly, by despoiling the State, at any level whatsoever, will be held accountable. I urge all Cameroonians, regardless of their social status, to resolutely engage in this fight that I have been leading for years. Everyone, at their level, must show probity and ensure the preservation of the common interest. It is by acting together, in a determined and resolute manner, that we will succeed in triumphing over the corruption that still exists in our society”.

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Admission of failure? That no ! Rather recognition that moral battles are of all times and require time, collective involvement and personal commitment. Is it possible to make virtue what common sense is supposed to be in the world? The thing best shared when virtue only flourishes fully and paradoxically in the lands of vice and the soils of morality.

Paul BIYA comes out of the ranks (as always) and undertakes to do his part of duty: “Last year, in similar circumstances, I told you of my concern to strengthen governance in the management of public affairs and control government spending. I can assure you that this concern remains constant and intangible”.

Is this a solo jump to save his soul? Not only: “As far as I am concerned, I will continue to do everything possible to ensure the progress of our country. I know I can count on the contribution of each and every one of you to achieve this”.

We think we hear Paul BIYA (re)say: rigor, moralization. As in his first inaugural speech in 1982. Democratization is not to be outdone. Quite the contrary! Decentralization is on the run. For the third time since its advent, the Upper House of Parliament representing the Decent Territorial Communities

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