Cameroonian press review of January 2, 2024

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Press Review-DR

Public policies

Cameroon Tribune – Paul Biya to Cameroonians: “The difficulties have in no way dampened my determination”. In his message to the Nation, last Sunday on the occasion of the end of the year 2023 and the New Year 2024, the President of the Republic made an exhaustive and uncompromising assessment of the year which has just ended, while presenting the opportunities to be seized for those who are starting out. Despite various crises at the global level and challenges to be met internally, the country continues its march towards emergence through the implementation of multiple projects. Read the entire presidential speech, our editorial and our first analyses. pp.2-13.

Meyomessala – Corruption and embezzlement of public funds: Fight intensified in 2024. In his message to the Nation, on the occasion of the end of 2023 and the New Year, President Paul Biya made this option an imperative for preservation public resources and improving the business climate. In this perspective, the Head of State intends to take all necessary measures to guarantee the independence and proper functioning of the judicial system. Pp.6-7

Economic news

Le Soir – Fuel: Why the increase is necessary. While President Paul Biya has prescribed urgent measures to the government to ensure continuous supply to the market, it appears, however, that to maintain prices at the pump at their current level, well below those practiced in the neighboring countries, the State which deploys significant financial efforts must heavily subsidize imports of petroleum products. However, the weight of these subsidies considerably shrinks resources. In 2022, there was a slight readjustment of pump prices. If this measure allowed the State to save, the subsidy having increased from 1000 billion to 640 billion in 2023, the fact remains that this subsidy continues to weigh significantly on the public treasury. As a result, another readjustment of pump prices is necessary, to allow the State to carry out other important projects. However, the Head of State prescribed the rehabilitation of Sonara which should help improve the situation in the sector.

L’Avenir– Water and Electricity: Paul Biya announces improvement. In his speech to the Nation on December 31, the President of the Republic indicated that the project to supply drinking water to the city of Yaoundé and its surroundings from the Sanaga River is almost complete and that its upcoming commissioning , will make it possible to substantially reduce the drinking water deficit in the city of Yaoundé. Furthermore, the Government has initiated the upgrading of drinking water production stations in several secondary towns, such as Dschang, Yabassi, Garoua-Boulai, etc. The Head of State also noted considerable progress made in the electricity sector, with a view to reducing our country’s energy deficit: Around 44 thousand solar panels, covering 40% of electricity needs in the three northern Regions , have been installed; the Nachtigal dam, with a capacity of 420 megawatts, will be commissioned in a few days; the foot plant of the Lom Pangar hydroelectric dam will also be operational in 2024 (it will increase the energy supply in the town of Bertoua and its surroundings)…

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La Nouvelle Expression –Message to the nation: Paul Biya does not reassure his compatriots. For the year that begins, the President of the Republic has not made a firm commitment. For example, the pernicious strike which silently paralyzed the school in the first term is likely to continue. Elsewhere, inflation looks set to be more galloping. And prices will soar in all sectors of national life.

End of year speech : Minee Gaston Eloundou Essomba, as guest stars. In his message to the Nation on December 31, the President of the Republic discussed at length the achievements of his Minister in charge of Water and Energy, while magnifying the challenges and progress made in this sub-sector. .P.2-8.

Headline on Digital News

Public Management: Importation of Electrical and Electronic Equipment: Cameroon Digitizes Technical Visa and Payment of Fees. After a successful pilot phase, Cameroon is preparing to generalize the dematerialized procedure for obtaining the technical visa from the Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, and Sustainable Development (Minepded), as part of the control of imports of electronic and electrical equipment known to contain substances that deplete the ozone layer. In anticipation of this reform, the Single Window for Foreign Trade Operations (Guce), the Cameroon government’s arm in dematerialization and facilitation of foreign trade procedures, and Minepded organized a awareness seminar for stakeholders (banks, companies, customs, users, etc.) on December 28, 2023, in Douala (

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– Aquaculture: Cameroon Aims for a Production of 25 Thousand Tons in 2025. For almost ten years, fish production in the national triangle has continued to grow. From 5,000 tons in 2015, it reached 10 thousand tons in 2020. This year, production is around 15 thousand tons, and according to official sources, it is expected to reach 25 thousand tons in 2025. Divine Ngala Tombuh, an official from the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries, and Animal Industries (Minepia), stated on CRTV radio that this progression is the result of the government’s policy to accelerate production (

Chad: Opposition Leader Succès Masra Appointed Prime Minister. A few months after his negotiated return under the auspices of President Félix Tshisekedi of the DRC, Chadian opposition leader Succès Masra has been appointed Prime Minister by Transition President Mahamat Deby. This appointment comes the day after the adoption of the constitution by a referendum with over 86% approval (

Nigeria: Cash Shortage Affects Vulnerable Populations but Benefits Digital Payment Companies. In Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria, the second-largest economy in Africa in terms of GDP according to IMF projections for 2023, people hope for greater availability of cash now that the holidays are over. Until December 31, 2023, it was not possible to withdraw more than 10,000 nairas (equivalent to $11) from most ATMs, especially in the Ikeja district, a major economic center in the city (

– Head of Military : Regime in Guinea Announces Constitutional Referendum in 2024. The head of the military regime in Guinea has announced the organization of a constitutional referendum in 2024, a step towards the return of civilians to power, more than two years after the coup that ousted President Alpha Condé (

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