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Cameroon – Media: Journalists criticize Cynthia Fiangan’s invitation to SUN PLUS TV online

Yolande Bodiong, the promoter of the Douala-based medium, explains her initiative while other media actors support her.


This is the new case Cynthia Fiangan, not her real name but the name of a young woman who was arrested, tried and jailed months ago for sharing videos of herself naked or having sex on social media. After having abandoned the training she had started as a seamstress in Yaoundé, Christelle Atangana, who was called to Sun Plus TV last Sunday, was invited to join her partner Zizou in the awareness-raising videos she recently posted on YouTube. Both were featured on the “Host Entr” program broadcast live on the afternoon of Sunday, January 8, 2023. The co-guest’s identity has generated a lot of negative reactions in the media world.

Journalist Annette Keysha Ikono, who hosted a women’s show on Vision 4, said, “Just because you’ve played in a series doesn’t mean you’re a role model.” She added that Christelle Atangana should not be invited “on a TV set”, stressing that “Cameroonian youth need real examples”.Journalist Pierre Nka criticized Sun Plus TV’s initiative in these terms: “Any media that opens its doors to “Cynthia Fianga” practices anti-journalism on this character.”

Less directly, journalist Clarence Yongo, a promoter of the digital platform, argued:

“Success inspirers have a traceable path, they can prove they’ve done their classes, not announce they’ll do it.

Inspirers of success, present their vocation, their organization and dynamism. They are disciplined because that is the key to success.

It is with these people that young Christelle Atangana (Cynthia Fiangan) must reinvent herself in order to effectively recover her social reintegration. Who would not be happy to welcome him as an actor of change? But today, what is being recorded?

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Dear Yolande giving her visibility right away is starting from the downstream with the risk of seeing many girls copy this example, not advisable. Let us not forget that the media shape behavior.

For those of us who work on these issues, it is still difficult to tell adolescent girls in high schools and colleges that it is better to learn a trade than to become an “influencer”.

We have a youth to preserve.

” Yolande Bodiong replied: “

My dear Clarence Yongo I took the time to read your point of view about Christelle [Atangana] that I received on ENTR’HÔTE.

I thank you very much, since you sent me the inbox link. I appreciate the approach.

Now, do you remember the day I received you on my set when I saw that you were being harassed…by your offices…on social media and in real life?

You need to remember that, because that’s exactly the reason I got this girl. I didn’t give her visibility, she already had it.

The proof, a single visual post was enough to stir up the canvas. So what visibility is this? She’d already been invited to every Sunday TV set, hadn’t she?

No, no, Clarence, on this one I don’t agree with you! Accompanying it is also presenting it differently.

Present the fragile and weakened child. As a result of the shortcomings of our society that it was for some time…she chose to change. Let’s not sentence her to life.

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It is rebuilding itself, and we have a duty to support it publicly too.”

The SUN PLUS TV promoter received support from other media people. She brandishes that of the founder-editor of the newspaper Le Jour Haman Mana, expressed under one of these Facebook posts. “Yolande Bodiong: ground ball. Let’s go back to the principles of journalism… Nothing prohibits you from giving the floor to a citizen enjoying his civil rights. We talk about “examples”: who sets the bar and casts the “examples”? It was interesting and I guess it helped your audience: you didn’t commit any ethical lapses. Now for those who ride the thoroughbreds of morality, there is this word from the Bible: “Let him who has never sinned cast him… and the first stone…”, we read in his reaction.

“The other favorable reaction to the host posted on Facebook is Solange Beyala Kiki, his colleague from the private TV station STV. This is what she posted on Monday, January 9, 2023.

It is not up to Cynthia Fianga to educate your children!!

It’s your job.

When you fail, when you’re absent, when you’re running away from your parental responsibilities, you need a scapegoat, and today you’ve found a way to shoot.

Before her the country was doing well, everything was clean, your children were wise and well-educated

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