Numerica, ‘Wallaye Billaye’ le single et la démo dance dévoilés [vidéo]

Numerica - Wallaye Billaye
Numerica - Wallaye Billaye

Numerica - Wallaye Billaye talk’s about the Cameroonian singer Numerica.He is back with a new song this time « Wallaye Billaye ».  »Anything that is done for any woman is less than she deserves for the role women play in our lives »

After being revealed to the public with his first EP  »VAS Y MOLO »
Particularly through the club bangers  »VAS-Y MOLO MOLO »  &  »IL FAUT T’ENJAILLER  » The Cameroonian Super Entertainer drops the long awaited love anthem  »Wallaye Billaye ».

 »Wallaye Billaye » means I Swear in haoussa language from Cameroon,it’s a song inspired  by old soul makossa and African Trending music such as Coupe – Decale and nigerian music .This song it’s for all those women out there for whom a man is willing to swear love, faith and give all his belongings to please them.

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