Dabex Trading Company wants ‘’to give a new face to the real estate sector in Cameroon’’

Mined by the embezzlement phenomenon, the real estate sector is the object of many debates in Cameroon. An escheat for Dabex Trading Company Sarl which wants to give more reliance to actors of this important activity.

Dabex Trading Company Sarl (c) Rerserves Rights

Located in Mendong in Yaoundé,Dabex Trading Company Sarl aimed to change the face of the  real estate industry in Cameroon. The entreprise offers many services such as : purchase,sale and rent of real estate goods, including lands,houses and rooms to let. Thank to an inedite sensibilisation method.

Apart customer-entreprise relationships

Dabex can make transactions in all the corners in Cameroon and in Africa. Its agents are registered with certified pages and are available on their internet site In order to avoid any possible annoyance in purchases, Dabex take charge of the production of necessary documents which allow to take legally possession of property. These documents will be among others, land tittles, house documents, car papers and the list is  not  exhaustive. At Dabex Trading Company, every customer is located at the order of the purchase and the sale of the foreign whether is cars or any other heavy machin, and the structure publicly directs each transaction.

Pour approfondir :   Dabex Trading Company veut « donner un nouveau visage au secteur de l'Immobilier au Cameroun »

A example of reference security

Its promoter considers Dabex as pas le the most reliable real estate societies in the locality because of its online stockage plateform which contains all the transactions and helps in avoiding wastes of information due to unfortunate physical accidents.

Dabex, beyond the real estate

Real estate services are not the only services offerd by Dabex. The entreprise also deals with many other activities. It is openned to investors susceptible to invest money in the society to earn important profit through time. The distribution of manufactory agricultural products, the sale of bulding materials, the import-export, the sale of plane tickets, automobile assurance, logistics and port management are other services that Dabex can offert to satisfy its customers.

Pour approfondir :   Dabex Trading Company veut « donner un nouveau visage au secteur de l'Immobilier au Cameroun »

Dabex Trading Company Sarl was officially created during an inauguration ceremony which took palce in its buildings in the quarter Mendong in Yaoundé. The top management,the staff and the cadre both spacious and luxurious have been shown to the public.





 WhatsApp: (+237) 676 63 85 34

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