Preparations for 2022 Winter Olympics in China

Thousands of workers are busy working in the mountains around the Chinese Capital. They use most of the summer months for the construction of the venues for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Beijing 2022 preparation progresses amid fight against novel coronavirus -  Xinhua |

Justin Downes, a sports specialist who’s been advising games organizers, said: “There’s no question Beijing will be ready for the venues for the competitions; in fact, all of the competition venues are ready, and they’ve already hosted tests.” He said what you see going around is just the supporting infrastructure.

Going around the site, you can see that they’re already putting on the finishing touches. A high-speed train connection with the city is already operating. There’s still work to be done at the Olympic village to have everything ready in time for the games.

“It’s a huge event. I’m very proud,” a Chinese teenager said. The people seem optimistic about what the Beijing games will do. On the contrary, there are some allegations of serious human rights in this country, and some are calling for a boycott of the games.


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